Foodtober 2022!

Happy Fall! Even though the season has only just officially changed , I’ve been ready for cooler, cozier weather since August. In a few days we’ll start one of my favorite Fall traditions- Foodtober!

Foodtober is an October art challenge that I started back in 2019 with a really simple premise: drawing food illustrations every day in October. I love cooking and eating, so I guess it’s logical that I also love illustrating food. Over the years several of my awesome artist friends have joined in (including the wonderful Amita, who hosted the 2021 challenge), and it has become a really fun visual feast!

After a few years of doing the Foodtober challenge (and definitely a couple of times when I haven’t met my goals), I’ve learned a few things that I’m taking with me into this October. Here’s what I’m doing to set myself up for Foodtober success this year:

Taking it Easy: A 31-day art challenge is a marathon, so it helps to strategize how you’ll tackle each day. As for me, I know I don’t have the time or energy to push my creative limits every single day of the challenge, so I’m trying to keep each illustration fairly simple so that I can stay consistent . There are plenty of ways you can make Foodtober easier on yourself, too: I hereby give you permission to skip days or take shortcuts if you need it!

Setting Personal Goals: Foodtober is a great time to learn new skills or hone old ones, but the numerous possibilities can also be overwhelming. This year, I’m setting two personal goals for Foodtober to help me narrow my focus: I want to make as many patterns as I can (to help me learn surface design on the iPad, a new tool for me!), and to vary up my media (watercolor, digital, collage, etc.) to keep things fresh.

Working Ahead: Maybe this is a drawing challenge faux pas, but I’m gonna go ahead and say it: I’ve already started creating my Foodtober artwork. I love creating art every day, but I also know that weird days, unexpected life things, and burnout all happen. Working ahead gives me an opportunity to share artwork every day while also creating at a pace that is gentle and fun for me.

If you’re drawing along with us this year, you can use the hashtags #foodtober and #foodtober2022, and tag me as @anniedrawsthings on Facebook and Instagram!

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