Foodtober 2022 (the sequel)!

Happy Official Christmas season! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving break eating delicious food, watching old episodes of David Suchet’s Poirot, and playing Pokémon Scarlet. Before the calendar changes to December, I wanted to bid a final farewell to Foodtober 2022 with a quick retrospective of some things I loved and learned last month. During thisContinue reading “Foodtober 2022 (the sequel)!”

Foodtober 2022!

Happy Fall! Even though the season has only just officially changed , I’ve been ready for cooler, cozier weather since August. In a few days we’ll start one of my favorite Fall traditions- Foodtober! Foodtober is an October art challenge that I started back in 2019 with a really simple premise: drawing food illustrations everyContinue reading “Foodtober 2022!”

Red Winged Blackbirds

This week I’ve entered my first Spoonflower design challenge in over a year! Earlier this year, my family installed a bird feeder in our backyard. We’ve had a great time watching the birds that visit and identifying the various species. When Spoonflower announced the Birding theme for this week’s challenge, I knew I wanted toContinue reading “Red Winged Blackbirds”

My Bullet Journal made me better at hand lettering

Here’s a confession: hand lettering used to terrify me. For a long time, the internal editor that I’ve pretty much learned to silence when I’m drawing ran wild when I made anything with words on it. All of my lettering work looked shaky, forced, and wrong, especially when I compared it to the smooth, pristineContinue reading “My Bullet Journal made me better at hand lettering”