What’s in my Art Library (and how I found it)

Happy Spring! I’m so glad to have longer days filled with more sunshine.All the Vitamin D (plus the absence of my annual winter blues) is giving me a lot more energy to create. Something else that I always find inspiring is my collection of art-related books. Looking at other artists’ work on Pinterest and InstagramContinue reading “What’s in my Art Library (and how I found it)”

Things I’ve Made as a Children’s Library Staffer

You’ll already know this if you saw my Meet the Artist drawing that I posted on Instagram last week, but in addition to my art shenanigans, I work as a children’s library staffer (fun fact: there’s some debate over the qualifications one needs to earn the title “librarian”). It’s absolutely the perfect “day job” forContinue reading “Things I’ve Made as a Children’s Library Staffer”

Foodtober 2022 (the sequel)!

Happy Official Christmas season! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving break eating delicious food, watching old episodes of David Suchet’s Poirot, and playing Pokémon Scarlet. Before the calendar changes to December, I wanted to bid a final farewell to Foodtober 2022 with a quick retrospective of some things I loved and learned last month. During thisContinue reading “Foodtober 2022 (the sequel)!”